"Pure and genuine religion in the eyes of God the Father means caring for the orphans and widows in their distress…" James 1:27


Adoption Update!

It has been a while since our last post!  I just want to take a minute to update everyone about where we are in our adoption process.

As of right now, we are still considering where we will be adopting from.  We were really looking into Ethiopia, but adoptions in the country took a major hit because their was a lot of fraud in people tricking parents to give their children up for adoption.  They reduced the amount of adoptions by 95% making the wait time for adopting several years longer than it once was.  Please pray for the adoption precess in Ethiopia.  Now our focus has shifted toward Taiwan.  We are still looking in to the adoption agency All God’s Children.  Nothing is set in stone right now, so continue to keep us in your prayers as we make the decision on where we are going to adopt from.

We are also planning on ways to raise funding in helping cover the cost of the adoption.  One idea that we have come up with is to run a marathon to raise support for the adoption fund.  People would be able to sponsor us by donating a certain amount of money for every mile that we run.  You can help with this in different ways!  If you would like, you could help raise money by running in the marathon,  You could also run the half marathon, or even put together a four person relay.  As of right now, I am running the full marathon, Cassie isn’t sure if she’s running the full or the half, my brother Jon is running the full, and Justin Clark is running the half!  If you would like to help raise money by running let me know, and I will get you more info, and better yet, I’ll even give you a shout out on the blog!  If you are thinking about running, the following website has a training guide to get ready for the marathon: http://www.halhigdon.com/marathon/Mar00novice.htm.  I’m doing the novice 1 schedule.  Please pray for us as we do this marathon that we don’t kill over!  Everyone knows how much of the runner type that I am 🙂

We are still trying to come up with other ways to raise support for our adoption. Some of the ideas that we are considering are a pancake breakfast, battle of the bands, spaghetti dinner/talent show, and an auction.  If you have any other creative ways to raise support please let us know!  We are always open to suggestions.

Thanks for your prayers and support in our journey to adopt.  And remeber, if you are willing to help with running in the marathon let us know, and we can get more information your way!


Our First Blog Post!

Hey everyone!  This is the first blog post from the Clark family – Jeremy, Cassie, Isaiah, and Eli.  We’ve decided to start a blog because we are planning to adopt.  We thought it would be fun to keep everyone up to date on the proccess of our adoption.  Before I go on, I’ll introduce you to our family (if you don’t know who we are).

It all started with a trip to the Red’s game in 2006.  I asked Cassie to go a Red’s game.  Actually it was supposed to be a group of us going, but with the help of other friends, they all backed out and so we were left to go solo:)  I bought great seats! Right behind the vistor’s dugout and I even bought her a Red’s shirt because she didn’t have one.

On September 16th, we officially started “dating.”  And from then on, things quickly began to happen.  Just 3 months later, on Decemeber 16th, I proposed.

After proposing it was 6 months later that we were married on June 15, 2007.


Then six months after our wedding, Cassie was pregnant with our first child! Oops!!  We named him Isaiah, but we mostly call him Zay or Zaya.  He is 2 years old now.            


 Just 16 months after we had Zay, we had our other baby boy Elijah Storm.  We named him after an amazing young man, Storm Bratchett.  We do things fast around here!


Now on to the reason for starting this blog.  Adoption has been on mine and Cassie’s hearts before we even knew each other.  We both loved the idea of adoption.  We want to bring another child into our family and show them that they are loved and that they have a family. The bible says in James 1:27 “Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress…”  So for us, we want to care for an orphan by adopting the child into our family.

This blog’s purpose is to let family, friends, and others follow our journey through adoption.  Cass and I will keep you updated on where we are in the process each step of the way.  As of right now we are trying to figure out where we will be adopting from and which agency we will go through.  We recently filled out a pre-application with All God’s Children.  Countries have different criteria for those who want to adopt and this pre-application gave us a list of countries that we met the criteria of.  As of now, the countries that we are considering are Ethiopia, Tiwan, and Bulgaria.  This is basically everything we have done so far in our journey to adopt.  A few things that we are currently doing are continuously praying about which country God is leading us to adopt from and ways to save and fundraise for the adoption because the cost would be anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000

Keep us in your prayers as we move forward in this process.  And like I said above, we will keep you updated on everything as we continue in this journey.